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Validity prices from January 2021 to December 2023

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Shed with single-pitched roof and possible connection with 2.40 m high external walls. Hot-dip galvanized structural steelwork with roof and walls in spandrel sandwich panels, main door and industrial sliding door. 

Technical specifications
Dimensions 12.00x36.00 m
Total m2 432.00 m²
Usable height 4.70 m
Column distance 6.00 m
No. of doors 1 dim. 1.30x2.30 m
No. of main industrial doors 1 dim. 3,80x4,20 mt
Wind 25 m/s
Earthquake-resistant YES
Roof load 140 kg/m²
Roof Panel thickness 50+40 mm
Roof thermal transmittance (U) W/m²K = 0.43
Walls Panel thickness 50 mm
Wall thermal transmittance (U) W/m²K = 0.45
Masonry work (by third party) 2.40 m

Load-bearing structure

Predesigned, welded, bolted structural steelwork, protected with hot-dip galvanization. Material S235JR - S275JR - S355JR ISO 10025-1/2. Grade 8.8 bolting material

Roof panels

Roof in sandwich panels consisting of two galvanised sheet layers filled with an inner core of polyurethane foam (PUR).

Wall panels

Walls in sandwich panels consisting of two galvanised sheet layers filled with an inner core of polyurethane foam (PUR).


Gutters in galvanized, pre-painted, shaped metal sheets.

Down pipes

Down pipes in galvanized, pre-painted, shaped metal sheets, including running outlets, collars and accessories.

Metal sheets

Galvanized, pre-painted, shaped metal sheets for ridges, corner joints, flashings and eaves and any other necessary element.

Industrial sliding door

Aluminium industrial sliding door in sandwich panels, with tracks and accessories for opening.


Single door with push bar and accessories.

Optional services

KIT.SOLUTIONS concept is based on adaptation to customers' needs. To this purpose, the following extra services are available on request to complement your supply:

  • Transport in Italy and all over the world 
    KIT.SOLUTIONS products are delivered Ex-Works, loaded on containers or trucks. Transport can be included in the supply, with all necessary shipping documents.
  • Installation by skilled staff 
    KIT.SOLUTIONS products have been designed to be self-installed by skilled technical staff using appropriate installation equipment. Should this not be case, our installation team will be available for a quick, safe, turnkey solution.
  • Technical supervision during installation 
    DIY installation can be complemented with technical supervision of all installation phases.
  • Foundation design 
    Foundation design and plans can be included in your order on request (only drawings showing template positions and stresses are included in the basic supply). Two standard foundation designs are available to this purpose. Should these loads differ from your expectations, a new, customized design can be requested.
Optional products

In order to meet all buyers' needs, KIT.SOLUTIONS products can be customized with the following optional accessories:

  • Skylights
  • Wind-catchers or SHEVS (Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems)
  • Lifelines
  • Cage ladder for access to the roof
  • Recessed fasteners (hidden screws)
  • Additional industrial sliding doors 4.60x3.80 m
  • Additional doors 1.20x2.10 m
Documents supplied

In order to speed up bureaucratic formalities, KIT.SOLUTIONS products are supplied with the following documents:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Structural drawings of steelworks to hand over to relevant authorities
  • Engineering calculation and analysis report
  • BOMs
  • Installation Manual
  • Certificates of structural materials
  • Technical data sheet, manuals and declaration of conformity
  • Certificates of origin (if required)
  • Packing list