Advantages of prefabricated kit warehouses

30-year experience in the field

KIT.SOLUTIONS is a project based on the sound experience of Deltabi Costruzioni, a company founded in 1980 specializing in the design and construction of steel structures for industrial, commercial and residential use.

Steelwork solutions to meet all needs

KIT.SOLUTIONS products have been designed to meet the most common needs, from covering a large area for operational purposes and storage, to small detached structures.


Their solid, sound hot-dip galvanised steelwork make all KIT.SOLUTIONS products long-lasting and weatherproof.

Loads for permanent, long-lasting structures

KIT.SOLUTIONS sheds have been designed with standard loads equal to 140 kg/m², to suit most situations. Top quality materials used ensure excellent resistance over time, appreciated long-term. Thanks to its safe products, KIT.SOLUTIONS is the ideal solution for permanent, solid, flexible structures, responding to geographical restrictions in terms of snow loads, wind loads and earthquakes, in compliance with provisions set forth in DM 17/01/2018.

Made in Italy Warranty

KIT.SOLUTIONS believes and invests in national resources: materials used are covered by a 10-year warranty on the steel structures. Product quality is guaranteed by made-in-Italy manufacturing and processing. KIT.SOLUTIONS Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001.

Earthquake-resistant structures

KIT.SOLUTIONS steel structures comply with the Technical Construction Standards in DM 17/01/2018, providing important innovations in the seismic design field. Structural weights are much smaller in steel constructions than in traditional ones, with a consequent reduction in seismic forces on structures and an increased seismic action dissipation capacity.

Thermal insulation and soundproofing

Walls and roofs are made of sandwich panels, consisting of two galvanised sheet layers filled with an inner core of polyurethane foam (PUR). Polyurethane foam is a byword for thermal insulation. Compared to other insulation materials, it ensures better performances and results achieved for the same thickness, with very low thermal transmittance values. Thermally broken profiles are used for doors and windows.

Easy DIY installation

KIT.SOLUTIONS products have been designed to be easily self-installed by skilled technical staff using appropriate installation equipment. All kit components have associated codes, used in the installation manual for quick, easy identification.

Complete documentation for installation, shipping and most bureaucratic formalities

All KIT.SOLUTIONS products are supplied with the relevant installation manual and most documents to speed up bureaucratic formalities (architectural drawings, report on materials, calculation report, certificates of materials, technical data sheets). Should the order include shipping, KIT.SOLUTIONS will take care of the relevant documents (BOMs, certificates of origin, packing lists, etc.).

Savings on design costs and time

KIT.SOLUTIONS offers standard products, where design costs and time have no effect on the final price.

Material ready in 4 weeks from your order

One of the major advantages offered by KIT.SOLUTIONS is reduced manufacturing time, materials being ready for shipping within 4 weeks from your order confirmation.

Deliveries all over the world

The KIT.SOLUTIONS supply can include national or international shipping, by road or ship. Versatile products All standard structures can be customized with optional accessories to meet buyers' needs perfectly.

Customization on request

If you cannot find the solution that best suits your needs, our engineers will design a brand-new, tailor-made one for you.

Versatile products

All standard structures can be customized with optional extras of your choice to make the final product even more closely match the customer's needs.

Greatest attention to packaging details

KIT.SOLUTIONS products come in a kit. All kit components are labelled for shipment and included in the packing list for easy identification. Each item is identified by a marked code, corresponding to the code shown in the installation manual.