Prior to purchase

What materials are used for the construction of KIT.SOLUTIONS sheds?

All the materials used on KIT.SOLUTIONS products are 100% made in Italy. Steel is manufactured and processed in Italy, where it is hot-dip galvanized on the entire surface to ensure an unprecedented life span. Walls and roofs are made of sandwich panels, consisting of two galvanised sheet layers filled with an inner core of polyurethane foam. Thermally broken aluminium profiles are used for doors and windows.

What type of warranty do your offer?

The materials used in steelwork are covered by a 10 years warranty. Product quality is guaranteed by made-in-Italy manufacturing and processing, the company's 30-year market experience and ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.

Are KIT.SOLUTIONS sheds resistant to natural phenomena, earthquakes and weather? Is it possible to build them anywhere?

KIT.SOLUTIONS sheds have been designed with standard loads equal to 140 kg/m², to suit most situations. These loads must be considered indicative and can vary according to the combinations required by local regulations and engineering calculation methods in force. Should building characteristics differ from the calculation parameters adopted, it will be necessary to review the structural analysis in a new, customized design. For Italian projects, structural design will comply with provisions set forth in NTC 2018 DM 17/01/2018 “Norme tecniche per le costruzioni”. For international projects, structural design will comply with ISO EN 1991 (Eurocode 1) Actions on structures - ISO EN 1993 (Eurocode 3) Design of steel structures.

What does “140 kg/m²” roof load mean?

We adopted a standard calculation based on a roof load  of 140 kg/m² in order to cover most national and international areas. This load must be intended as the total load, including the accidental overload (snow/sand) and the roof panel self-weight. This solution is applicable in the areas where the snow/sand overloads do not exceed 150 kg/m² on the ground. As a result of the roof slope (5-6 degrees), this value corresponds to a roof charge of 120 kg/m².

What documents are included in the supply? Is a building permit required for the sheds?

Since regulations vary from one place to another, we recommend you ask the Local Planning Authority: please, make sure you check compliance with all local regulations prior to purchase. In order to speed up bureaucratic formalities, KIT.SOLUTIONS products are supplied with the following documents:

  • Architectural drawings

  • Report on materials used

  • Engineering calculation and analysis report and drawings of the steel structures to hand over to relevant authorities

  • Foundation drawings showing template positions and stresses for foundation design

What additional documents are included in the supply?
  • Installation Manual

  • BOMs

  • Shipping documents (transport document, packing list, etc.)

  • Certificates of origin (if required)

  • Certificates of structural materials

  • Technical data sheet, manuals and declaration of conformity for all kit components.

Are there any documents I have to provide?

Yes, there are. Since the documentation required varies according to country, we are unable to fulfil some requirements, such as:

  • Stability test

  • Formalities for obtaining the building permit and construction fees

In addition to the latter, you are also expected to check what documents are required by local regulations, such as:

  • Compliance with environmental restrictions, if any

  • Consultation with Fire Safety enforcing authority, local public health service or other authorities

  • Assessment of insulation conformity

  • Geological report Formalities for obtaining Building Control Final Certificate

Foundations: how does that work?

Accompanying documents include drawings showing template positions and stresses, whereas foundation design is not included. Foundation design and plans can be included in the supply (at an additional cost): two standard foundation designs are available among the optional extras, one with soil loading equal to 0.5 kg/cm², and the other with soil loading equal to 1.5 kg/cm². Should these loads differ from your expectations, a new, customized design can be requested.

When and how should I build the floor?

The floor can be built at any time and in any way. KIT.SOLUTIONS structures have been designed to allow column installation on top of the floor at +50 mm (in this case, the floor can be built prior to structure installation) or drowned into the concrete at -200 mm (in this case, the floor can only be built after structure installation).

What about the plants?

Based on customers' needs, KIT.SOLUTIONS sheds can be supplied fitted with all necessary plants, which we can design to suit your requirements (at an additional cost).

Are the structures standard? Can they be modified?

Yes to both questions. KIT.SOLUTIONS sheds are predesigned standard structures which can be customized with optional extras (at an additional cost), in order to meet all buyers' needs. Optional extras can be ordered via the online form.

And what if I can't find the structure I like? Can it be customized?

Of course! If you cannot find the solution that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us via the online form: our engineers will design a brand-new one for you.

How does transport work?

KIT.SOLUTIONS products are delivered Ex-Works, loaded on containers or trucks, complete with all necessary documents (transport document, packing list, certificates of origin, etc.). We can also provide a full service by including arrangement of transport from our premises to the final destination, at an additional cost.

How long does KIT.SOLUTIONS product delivery take?

KIT.SOLUTIONS products are ready for shipping in 4 weeks from your order confirmation. The material will then be packed and loaded on containers or trucks within one week. KIT.SOLUTIONS products can be delivered in just one or more containers or trucks depending on the model, and transportation time and costs can vary according to country. Generally speaking, road transport deliveries take 3/10 days, whereas lead time can vary according to the port of destination for shipping.

Do you deliver everywhere?

Sure! We can arrange national or international deliveries, by road or ship, based on the model purchased and the destination.

And what about customs duties?

Customs clearance and duties will be charged to the buyer.

How can I order a structure?

Via the application form or by phone. Our customer service will contact you immediately to discuss all details and arrange a meeting with our engineer, if necessary, who will guide you through the following steps.

How does payment work?

A 25% down payment by bank transfer upon ordering is required, with the rest to be settled on notice that goods are ready, always by bank transfer. For international orders, payment by letter of credit will be accepted.

Is it really a kit?

Yes, it is. All KIT.SOLUTIONS materials come in a packed kit. All kit components are labelled for shipment and the relevant codes are used in the installation manual for quick, easy identification.

How does installation work?

KIT.SOLUTIONS products have been designed to be easily self-installed by a customer's technical staff using appropriate installation equipment, when available. All products are supplied with the relevant installation manual providing step-by-step instructions, from preliminary site operations till final steps, including all installation drawings. KIT.SOLUTIONS concept is based on adaptation to customers' needs. To this purpose, extra services are available on request (at an additional cost): technical supervision of all installation phases or installation by KIT.SOLUTIONS skilled team.

What will I need for installation?

We will send you the list of all necessary equipment to install the model chosen, at any purchase of KIT.SOLUTIONS products.

How long does installation take?

Installation time can vary depending on the product chosen, but above all on the installation team and equipment available. For example, with all necessary equipment and an installation team of 5 workers, installation time for KIT.24x48 MINIMAL would be approx. 4 weeks. Please contact us via the online form to receive the installation plans with the timeline.